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The DTPHD Podcast by David Tian, Ph.D.

Mar 6, 2018

"Modern Mating Explained" is a special seminar series that explores the deeper psychological bases for mating in the modern world.

For over a decade, David Tian, Ph.D., has helped hundreds of thousands of people from over 87 countries find happiness, success, and fulfillment in their social, professional, and love lives. His presentations - whether keynotes, seminars, or workshops - leave clients with insights into their behavior, psychology, and keys to their empowerment. His training methodologies are the result of over a decade of coaching and education of thousands of students around the world. Join him in this special seminar series as he explores deep questions of the psychological bases for mating in the modern world. Subscribe now.

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Okay, welcome back. We’re continuing, well, finishing off the section on narcissism, narcissistic co-dependents and how co-dependents are basically narcissists and so on. And so far, this whole time, we’ve still just been focusing on the problem, understanding the problem. I haven’t yet started talking about the solution very much. I did mention self-awareness and self-acceptance, but we’re just getting clear on the problem. Once you get clear on the problem, the solution is a lot more straightforward, though obviously there’s a lot more to say about that as well. And we’ve been focusing largely on the fixer, on the compensator, the white knight, the person who took the moving towards coping strategy to get love and affection.

So, now, we’re going to look at that dynamic between the fixer and the predator. In other words, what the aspiring pick-up artist and the hot girl who would be naturally attracted to him in that state, being the narcissist that he is. Who would he attract? Would an emotionally secure person be sexually attracted to somebody like that, an aspiring pick-up artist who has spent a lot of time, not just the guy — like, again, there’s that first option, the guy who gets it very easily and doesn’t need to spend more than a couple of weeks learning some of these systems and things, methods, and then just applying them. But I mean the vast majority of men, who, if they weren’t good with women naturally, they had to learn it. That process of learning it was more arduous.

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