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The DTPHD Podcast by David Tian, Ph.D.

Oct 29, 2019

This episode is a psychological analysis of the Joker 2019 movie and touches on the shadow, persona, Codependent Narcissism (One-Down Narcissism), and some broader societal issues.

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NOTE: This the amended version of the video, which originally had synching issues. Also, the audio quality for this podcast is better on the audio-only platforms, such as Spreaker, Soundcloud, iTunes, etc. See the links below.

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Show Notes:

2:26 Jungian archetypes in the Joker movie

7:09 What is pseudobulbar affect, and what’s up with his laughing fits?

12:38 The scene that illustrates Arthur Fleck's main coping strategies

16:53 The similarities and differences between the Joker and the American Psycho character

22:16 The clinical definition of narcissistic personality disorder

26:57 What narcissists are capable of

31:21 How the Joker/Arthur Fleck wants to be treated

36:49 What do codependent narcissists have in common with standard narcissists?

41:54 The idealization and devaluation phases of the Arthur Fleck

47:47 Is Arthur Fleck as bad as the other people in the movie?

53:05 Understanding the quote that the Arthur Fleck kept repeating

59:19 How the Joker/Arthur Fleck views his situation from the inside

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