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The DTPHD Podcast by David Tian, Ph.D.

Mar 20, 2018

"The Meaning of Life & Death" is a special seminar series inspired by Ernest Becker's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "Denial of Death." The series comes from footage taken during a day-long session from an Aura Mastermind gathering in New York City. This seminar series explores the themes of life purpose, the meaning of life, the search for immortality, and the significance of death in human psychology and cultures.

This video series was also a bonus component in the 8-week course "Lifestyle Mastery," which examines the purpose of life and many other related issues.

For over a decade, David Tian, Ph.D., has helped hundreds of thousands of people from over 87 countries find happiness, success, and fulfillment in their social, professional, and love lives. His presentations - whether keynotes, seminars, or workshops - leave clients with insights into their behavior, psychology, and keys to their empowerment. His training methodologies are the result of over a decade of coaching and education of thousands of students around the world. Subscribe now :)

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Here's a link to Ernest Becker, "Denial of Death"


David Tian, Ph.D.: The desire to live longer, and have your kids live longer, and life lasting longer, being inherently seeming to us a good thing is a really important thing to realize.

I left last time with this slide here of total repression. What does this mean? So, in the earlier work that I've done in Awakenings, in Rock Solid, Masculine Mastery, in earlier summits, I went in depth for years about depression, of childhood traumas, and the basic neurosis.

And one of the reasons why this book kept getting sided in all of the other literature was because, what this is doing is it's taking it to its logical conclusion. The conclusion is that our entire lives in all of human history is a repression. We're going to explore what that means.

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