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The DTPHD Podcast by David Tian, Ph.D.

Feb 1, 2018

"Modern Mating Explained" is a special seminar series that explores the deeper psychological bases for mating in the modern world.

For over a decade, David Tian, Ph.D., has helped hundreds of thousands of people from over 87 countries find happiness, success, and fulfillment in their social, professional, and love lives. His presentations - whether keynotes, seminars, or workshops - leave clients with insights into their behavior, psychology, and keys to their empowerment. His training methodologies are the result of over a decade of coaching and education of thousands of students around the world. Join him in this special seminar series as he explores deep questions of the psychological bases for mating in the modern world. Subscribe now.

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Welcome! I’m David Tian, PhD. And for over the past 10 years, I’ve been helping hundreds of thousands of people in over 87 countries attain success, happiness, and fulfillment in life and love. Welcome to a special class. I think I will make this presentation a prologue to what I was going to get into. I’m glad we spent a few hours getting to know each other here in the room, and then figuring out where you’re at. It’s really important for me to figure out where you’re at. One of the things I figured out where you’re at, is that if you’re still coming from – or you know me as helping you learn how to pick up girls, or however you want to call that, and then you’re wondering how the more recent material on clinical psychology, developmental personality psychology, rather than…

There is some good advice in pick up. Things like you should stand in a certain way. I’ve taught that before. I used to have a formula for it, back brought up and breathe. It was how you stand; shoulders back, chest up broad, have your chin up, stomach in. Right now, I’m a little bloated from all of the protein and caffeine. And breathe. That’s good musculature. It’s good posture to have. The voice, make it slow and smooth when you’re talking to women, otherwise – in all cases – project well with resonance and strength in your voice. These are all good things to learn.

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